We help you share better.

It’s not about fancy websites, slick branding, or cutting-edge marketing processes; it’s about you. Sure, we’ve got all that down, but it’s all about the client and how easily they’re going to be able to reproduce success on their own. That’s why everything we do adapts to the client and their specific context. In the end, you’ll have a winning design, and successful plan.

About Our Founder

Russ Cantu, Lead Sharesmith

“Growing up in the Silicon Valley and having been a part of the development and launch of multiple successful ventures has given me specific insight into what makes a person and company successful. For the past two decades, that is exactly what I have been doing: in the non-profit and for-profit spaces, in helping individuals and corporations share effective stories.”

Our Team

Our team are superstars. For real. We have a dynamic and growing team here in sunny San Diego, with experts in marketing, strategy, digital and print media, motion graphics, data automation, web design and development, brand development and strategy, and so much more. If you can dream it, then we can build it.

It’s time to make some magic.

We’re in it for you. Drop us a line to start the process, so you can share better.